Platform for APA President

Summary of My Campaign Platform for President of the American Psychological Association

More than ever, this is our time. This is the time for psychology to take the lead in repairing and transforming the world. This is the time to address the existential crises that are now flaring all about us. We are in crisis racially, politically, and environmentally. We are in crisis with gender and sexual injustices, and we are in crisis with mental and physical health. In short, America is poised on the precipice, and if our profession fails to grasp this problem, we are in danger of inflaming it.
In this light, my plan is to shift psychology from a secondary to a top national and international priority by

Mobilizing psychologists to facilitate healing dialogues to address the alarming political and racial divides in our country and within our profession. See The Depolarizing of America: A Guidebook for Social Healing and demonstrations of a healing dialogue format I developed and continue to facilitate called the Experiential Democracy Dialogue. See also an application of this format to divisions within our profession.

• Empowering a Relational Equity Task Force to further the work of APA’s current Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Framework, but with an emphasis on optimizing in-depth emotionally reparative mental healthcare and organizational functioning-particularly in underserved areas. The elaboration of medical, vocational, criminal and other off-sets would be key to this Task Force. I also support an extension of the waiver for nationwide access to telehealth services, which is especially critical in underserved areas.

Calling for a summit of leaders in all our specialties to investigate how we can holistically address the major mental health and organizational crises of our time-violence, racism, healthcare, political extremism, climate change etc.-and communicate our findings to the public.

Calling for a Presidential Task Force to investigate the merit of urging the U.S. Congress to create an Office of Psychological Consultant(s) to the U.S. This office would be comprised of distinguished experts in psychosocial approaches to mental healthcare and organizational functioning, and would augment the excellent work of our current APA advocacy efforts by 1) promoting innovative national programs, such as the healing dialogues movement and in depth therapy in underserved communities; 2) being available 24/7 from within government to advise leaders from the Executive branch to Congress to the U.S. public on the present crises we face; and 3) utilizing the large presence of a government office to boost our media presence and public voice


I am deeply grateful for the following people and organizations who have pledged their support for my election for president of the American Psychological Association (note: this is a partial and evolving list):
Nancy McWilliams
Bruce Wampold
John Norcross
Hanna Levenson
Les Greenberg
Paul Wachtel
Frank Farley
Amy Taylor
Barry Wolfe
Serge Prengel
LInda Michaels
Stanley Messer
Louis Hoffman
Alberta Pos
Shawn Rubin
Donna Rockwell
Scott Barry Kaufman
Leilani Crane
Ilene Serln
Roxanne Christensen
Drake Spaeth
Jonathan Raskin
PsiAN (the Psychotherapy Action Network)
Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology)
International Meaning Conference
Ruthellen Josselson
Orah Krug
Joel Voss
Krishna Kumar
Theopia Jackson
Gina Belton
Shawn Rubin
Patrick Gannon
Justin Karter
Carly Larson
Paul Wong
Lisa Vallejos
Louis Hoffman
Stanley Krippner
Ruth Richards
Pamela McCrory

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